Magnum 4D Barcode Scanner System

Magnum 4D Barcode
Scanner System

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Invented By

Pusat Kajian Fizik Sains
in celebration of 16 years Anniversary 

Sample of Bar-coding Line


                                         Testimonials :
Won By Jeremy Teng, Sibu, Sarawak 
Thank you, Prof.Victor Yap !!! It's so easy to use The Magnum Barcode Scanner. Now, this Magnum Barcode Scanner System is my only Weekly Income Generator producing instant winning 4D cash for me.  Now, I can win almost every week with this software Scanner.

Won by Chia Kian Chong, From Ipoh, Perak 
I felt so LUCKY to meet you, Prof. Victor. It WORKS !!
You have OPENED my eye and mind. I won 9 tickets Straight game and ibox in just a month. Now, I trusted Science is Logical. All your lectures in DyDx / 4 Dimension Theory of Quantum Physics is Reality. We salute you because we witness these genuine winning 4D results almost every month with my family. So, please don't envy me !! Look for Prof. Yap @ Yap Pow Hocck for his excellence lecturing.


How to place your purchase Order & Deliver FAST to you by GDEX Express  

                       RM480 /unit                         RM480 /unit                   RM480 /unit   
To place your purchase order : Magnum 4D Barcode System, RM480

    Step 1 :
Maybank Bank-Transfer : RM480   
A/C : 512361141651
Payable to : Bay Inspire Enterprise 

Step 2 :
then call me : 012-239 2775 ( Prof. Victor Yap ) to Double Confirm.

Step 3 :
Then SMS me your :
Full Name
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Note :Please email me your payment slip to :
WHATSAPP to : 012-216 8427

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